J.S. Rae Resources and Equipment

The J.S. Rae company has over 100 specialty trained individuals, including: welders, equipment operators, foreman, supervisors, skilled laborers, and project admin support staff. We have a strong commitment to safety and delivering the best possible finished product to our customers.


Over 250 pieces of trucks, machinery and equipment specialized for the pipeline business.

80+ trucks, including: dump trucks, service trucks, vacuum trucks, welding rigs, equipment movers, and box trucks.

100+ pieces of machinery, including: backhoes, excavators (mini-60K lb), 3 directional drills, skid steers, pavers, rollers, bulldozer, loaders, crane (carry deck and 30 ton rough terrain), and trenchers.

Hundreds of pieces of support equipment and trailers including: air compressors, welders, equipment trailers, attachments, generators, compactors, boring tools, and fusion equipment.

Fleet of Trucks

Welding trucks, Utility trucks, Dump trucks, Flatbeds.

Excavation and utility support equipment

Directional Drills

Directional Drilling
One of our horizontal drills
Vermeer Drill