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 Safety is serious business at J.S. Rae


 J.S.Rae takes safety seriously for our personnel, our clients, and the public; with on site safety being our first priority. Some of the ways we insure this are:

  • On site first aid kits and equipment are always available on the job.
  • All personal are required to wear the protective clothing, ear, eye and head    protection as stated in our safety manuals.
  • Training manuals are issued to all crews which are carried in their trucks for on         the job reference.
  • Training and safety classes are given to all personnel through-out the year.
  • All personnel hold the required licenses needed for specific jobs, such as hoisting licenses for excavator work, commercial driver licenses for larger equipment, and natural gas licenses for gas installation.  
  • Critical procedures are individually certified by third party agents.
  • Random drug tests by the state of Massachusetts                             

J.S Rae has a excellent safety record as shown by the insurance EMR:

 .91  - 2011 

 .88 - 2012    .92 - 2013  .94  - 2014
                                    EMR: (experience modification rate)

J.S. Rae uses E- Verifile Utility Safe an independent company to insure that good quality people are employed to work with the public and projects involving utility companies. Employees are background checked to insure they are an asset to the company and safe for the public. Safety is everybody's business!


safety at work 

                                                 Good safety Record