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J.S. Rae Resources

The J.S. Rae company has available a wide variety of resources to tackle jobs both large and small, done in a professional manner and completed on time.

Top people:

  A hardworking well trained, group of people who work for the common good of       the family run-business, is the corner stone of this work force. The caliber of             the individual hired, the compensation for work well done, plus the fact Joe and     family show real interest for their well being is the cement that makes this work         so well. This is the companies greatest resource. 


   A fleet of trucks: 

Welding trucks, Utility trucks, Dump trucks, Flatbeds.

Semi fb

dump   trucks

Welders - (Mostly Lincoln or Miller)

Three Directional Drills

Directional drill 2nd Drill

 Large HDD

Cat Backhoes

backhoes    backhoe

Cat Excavators (10,000 lbs  to 55,000 lbs)

mini excavator  larger size

Mid sized excavator

Large Assortment of Trenchers

HDD Mud Mixing Support Units     

         water tanks for drilling     

Mud reclaimer for large drill       

Asphalt Rollers

roller   roller 2      


Vacuum Excavation Equipment

 vac p 


Trench and Driveway Pavers

Paver  paver

Plastic Fusion Equipment (2'' to 18" pipe)


Sweepers ( power brooms, to truck size)

The Bear tw

 Bridge inspection unit

bridge inspectiom unit

Assortment of trailers

road cutter rc 2




Support Equipment and Tools:

Trailers - Compressors - Generators - Pneumatic Boring Tools - Compactors - etc.

J.S. Rae runs top of the line equipment to reduce any downtime on the job, so as to finish  the project on time and on budget. 



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