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Directional Drilling - Excavation - Trenchless Technologies  - Trucking   Certified Welders - Industrial Piping - Plastic Fusion  




The market area J.S. Rae serves is the Northeast

  J.S.Rae mainly serves Western Massachusetts, providing a complete line of services listed below, as well as larger jobs within the Northeast and surrounding states. The company will subcontract on specialized jobs, or contract a project from design to completion.

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N.E. Map


The Services J.S. Rae Provides to this area are:

General Contractors  -  Pipeline Contractors

Directional Drilling - Trenchless Technologies 

Excavation - Trucking - Vacuum Extraction  

Certified Welders - Industrial Piping - Pipe Bursting

Pipe construction - Plastic Fusing - Bridge Utility inspections  

Vermeer Drill

The markets served are individual, residential, or commercial customers who are provided quality work, in a timely manner with a high degree of satisfaction.     See what J.S. Rae can do to help you with your projects. 


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