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 HDD Service
Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Trenchless Technologies
The "green" way to lay pipe in the ground


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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is defined as “A steerable system for the installation     of pipes, conduits, and cables in a shallow arc using a surfaced launched drilling rig. Traditionally, HDD  is applied to large scale crossings such as rivers in which a fluid filled     pilot hole is drilled without rotating the drill string, and this is then enlarged by a wash      over pipe and back reamer to the size required by the product.” (Trenchless Data Service 2000). This technology has been in existence since the 1970’s. It is currently an efficient, safe, cost effective method for highway bores and is the current industry standard for trenchless technology for bores between 2 and 48 inch diameters and 600 ft to             1800 ft in length.  

  graphic directional drilling by Vermeer

 J .S. Rae bought their first drill in 2003, one of the first in the New England area, and are now well versed in drilling under roads, waterways, buildings, and other areas that require little surface disturbance. In our daily work of burying hundreds of feet of natural gas pipe and running services to customers, a combination of drilling, boring, and trench digging     are used to finish the project in the best manner possible. If you have a project that     would benefit from this type of trenchless installation, contact us for more information.    

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