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 The Story of J.S.Rae

J.S. Rae is a family owned and operated business established in 1982, when Joe started with one truck and a dream. Joe quickly developed his skill for pipeline welding, becoming a certified gas line welder. The next year he hired a second welder, bought another truck and the business was on it's way.

In 2003 the company invested in it's first directional drill, adding excavating equipment, and trucks to increase the services provided. More employees were hired, putting together trained crews needed to continue the reputation of excellence that Joe had worked hard to develop. The company expanded again in 2008 with the purchase of a second larger directional drill, another increase in quality crews to keep burying the miles of gas line required to fulfill the needs of a growing demand.  J.S. Rae has maintained it's growth even in these uncertain times due to the high quality service provided along with a growing demand for directional drilling, trenchless technologies, and an economic advantage of natural gas.

Somewhere along the way Joe's wife Charlotte, son Scott and a team of forty plus hard working employee's forged together, with Joe, to form a strong supportive unit building J.S. Rae into the business it is today.

Joe's welding truck


As we look forward, our team continues it's growth with directional drilling and trenchless technologies. These techniques are becoming more popular as there is less disruption to surface areas, while being more environmentally correct in a changing world. 



One of the directional drills used to make a "greener" gas line installation.

A new location was purchased in 2014 with the majority of the company moving onto     site in the Spring of 2015. Improvements and building continues during the year and into the future.

  Sign before do over new entrance

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